Automatic winding machines. Manufacturer of high-precision winding machines.

Automatic Winding Machines

Supertek is a manufacturer of high-precision winding machines, renowned for delivering the utmost quality and precision in handling the finest and most sensitive materials.

Whether it's wire, fiberglass, fiber optics, filament, or other delicate materials, the machines guarantee exact winding patterns and consistent tension. This ensures gentle processing and superior quality.

Customer-Oriented Solutions

Every project is unique. Therefore, Supertek offers customized winding machines that are perfectly tailored to specific requirements. The machines are flexible and can be adapted to various spool geometries and sizes. Automated processes ensure consistently high quality and efficiency in every operation.

Advantages of the Winding Machines

  • Maximum Precision: Precise wire guidance and consistent tension, ideal for processing delicate materials.
  • Automated Processes: Integrated control systems enable continuous automation, enhancing operational efficiency and minimizing manual intervention.
  • Flexibility: Adaptable to different spool geometries and sizes, suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Quality and Reliability: Ensures consistently high quality and reduces waste.
  • Innovative Technology: Equipped with cutting-edge features for efficient and precise winding technology.


Supertek's winding machines are used in numerous fields, including:

  • Research and Development: Precise winding technologies for scientific and industrial applications.
  • Medical Devices: High precision and quality for medical technologies.
  • Electronics and Aerospace: Reliable and flexible solutions for demanding applications.



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