Unwinding machine

Supertek's decoilers, uncoiler, spooler and unwinding machine for thin wires, coils and bobbins are at the highest level of winding technology. The scope of performance of the winding machines can be individually configured with our modular system. This includes the number of unwind modules, the desired spool types, the tension range and the unwind speed.

We also offer unwinders with automatic traverse drive, so that flat wire can be unwound in a straight line over a short distance.

The unwinding machines are equipped with an electromagnetic dancer to regulate the tension with high precision. The digitally set tension is perfectly maintained when unwinding your finest wire.

decoiler, uncoiler or unwinder with automatic payoff-unit for spools, bobbins flat and thin wires

Unwinder for uncoiling wire.


  1. Unwinder, optionally with traverse drive system
  2. Position Scanner for unwinding in a straight-line with the traverse drive system
  3. Tension control with Electromagnetic Dancer