Wire Cleaning Machines

Supertek manufactures rewinding machines and equipment for surface treatment and cleaning of fine wire and special wire. Our cleaning equipment can remove impurities such as drawing agents from thin wires.

winding machine for cleaning wire

Winding and Cleaning Machine

Depending on the requirements, the cleaning and winding machine can be equipped with different cleaning systems or the application of liquids. These include aqueous cleaning, ultrasonic, steam or mechanical and chemical cleaning with textiles, nonwovens and solvents.

For the drying of fine wire, Supertek integrate the appropriate drying nozzles and for testing, the appropriate measuring technology.

Gentle and high-quality surface treatment is ensured, among other things, by the precise control of the speed and tensile force of the wire with Supertek's winding technology. The cleaning systems essentially consist of unwinders, tension controllers, cleaning systems, dryers, haul-offs and take-up machines.

wire-cleaning process

  1. Principle of wire cleaning machine.


  1. Decoiler / Unwinder
  2. Position scanner
  3. Tension control, e.g. electromagnetic dancer
  4. Wire cleaning process
  5. Drying
  6. HMI
  7. Spool scanner
  8. Spooler / Rewinder