Extruder plant

Extruders are used, for example, for thermoplastics or dough-like foods. Depending on the extrusion process, such as cold extrusion, warm extrusion or hot extrusion, the material is pressed through a shaping opening using pressure and temperature. After exiting, the extrudate is cured by cooling in a cooling section or by chemical treatment. A subsequent deduction ensures the web speed and decoupling of traction. During fiber or filament extrusion, the filament or fiber is usually wound up at the end of the process with tension control.

Very precise control of the speed and tensile force is required for thin foils, fibers or filaments. The take-offs, tension regulators and winding machines from Supertek are particularly suitable for this. With the winding technology from Supertek, very thin fibers, foils and 3D filaments are precisely drawn and wound up perfectly in the extruder system.