Superconductor Windingmachine

Supertek's winding machines offer the highest precision for superconducting materials such as tapes and wires. With perfect wire and tape conductor guidance and constant tension, the machines ensure flawless winding patterns. The winding machines are adaptable to various spool geometries and sizes and guarantee consistently high quality thanks to automated processes. Ideal for handling sensitive superconducting materials in research, medicine, and industry.



High-precision winding machines are essential for both superconducting wires and superconducting tape conductors, particularly in the production of superconducting coils and magnets.

Supertek's winding technology provides the perfect solution, meeting the high demands for precision and control when winding thin superconducting wires and tape conductors.

Supertek's winding machines are used in various high-precision applications, including the production of superconducting magnets and coils for scientific research, medical devices, and industrial applications.


  • Fusion Reactors: Superconducting magnet coils are essential for magnetic field control in fusion reactors such as ITER.
  • Particle Accelerators: High-precision magnet coils are used in accelerators like the LHC (Large Hadron Collider).
  • Medical Imaging: Superconducting magnets are indispensable for imaging in MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machines.
  • Energy Technology: Superconducting cables and coils improve the efficiency and capacity of power grids.
  • Research and Development: Superconducting magnets are used in numerous research projects and experiments, such as in fundamental physics research.