Coil winding for coil manufacturing

In coil production, our winding machines are used for very precise coil winding of fine wire coils. With the winding machines from Supertek, the highest demands on the winding pattern in terms of position and length accuracy are met. The electromagnetic dancer enables the active unwinding of the finest wires with the most precise tension control. Our automatic traverse drive system and our winding controller MCU with a processor-controlled real-time solution ensure the perfect winding pattern. The following coil types can be wound with our winding technology:

  • body coils
  • magnetic coils
  • air coils
  • baked lacquer spools

wire coil production winding machine

Coil production with active tension control and winder for different coil shapes.

  1. Decoiler, pay-off unit
  2. Tension control with dancer
  3. Coil winder, take-up unit
  4. HMI