Production of fiber optic sensors

For the manufacture of fiber optic sensors, Supertek provides you with the appropriate winding technology. Our rewinding and winding machines can accurately rewind and position the optical fibers. Supertek's unwinding and rewinding machines are suitable, for example, for imprinting Fiber Bragg Gratings or FBG with laser beams.

The tension of the optical fiber is precisely controlled with our electromagnetic dancer. The trigger is used for tension decoupling, speed control and positioning. With our dancer accumulator, the optical fiber can be stored in the necessary length for imprinting the grating structures into the optical fiber.


fibre optic winding machine for production of sensors and fibre bragg gratings

Machine for automatic processing of highly sensitive optical fibers and glass fibers. Used for various purposes in research and industry.

winding process for fiber optic sensors manufacturing

Principle of the manufacturing process of fiber optic sensors.


  1. Decoiler, pay-off unit
  2. Tension control
  3. Capstan
  4. Laser
  5. Dancer Accumulator
  6. HMI
  7. Rewinder, take-up unit