Wire Straightening Machines

Straightening machines are equipped with one or more straighteners for straightening wire or flat wire.  For straightening fine wire, Supertek can supply wire straightening machines with uncoiler, tension regulator, haul-off, straightener and recoiler, depending on customer requirements.

wire straightening machine

Wire straightening Machine

Supertek wire straightening machines can be customized, individually, quickly and easily configured.

The wire straightening machine shown here is equipped with flexible and mobile equipment for straightening a wide variety of wire.

The line essentially consists of an uncoiler with tension-controlled decoiler, a separate straightening unit and a recoiler with traversing MW-class winder.


wire straightening process

Wire Straigthening Process


  1. pay-off unit, Unwinder
  2. Position Scanner
  3. Dancer
  4. Straightening Tool
  5. HMI
  6. Spool Scanner
  7. take-up, Rewinder