Winding machines with the best winding technology

Supertek - the most high precision winding machines for fine wire or optical fiber! Perfect machines for coil winding, spooling, rewinding, unwinding, payoff and takeup. Coil winding machines from Supertek have the best automatical tension control and laying system for cylindrical and conical coils, spools or bobbins. You get machines for different applications and winding goods. For winding, measuring, extruding, drawing, lengthening, cooling, coloring or cutting - these are just a few examples:

  • wire
  • fine wire
  • flat wire
  • solder
  • optical fiber
  • glass fiber
  • plastic fiber
  • filament
  • silk
  • foil and tapes

You get customized machines flexibly, quickly and economically – thanks to innovative winding technology and standardized components from Supertek.

Straightening and Cutting Machines

Automatic machine for straightening, measuring, cutting to length and sorting wire or flat wire. Can be used with precise payoff system. 360° inline measurement of cross section and wire length. Belt type capstan with speed control and straightener. High resolution length measurement of the wire length and wire cutter including automatic sorter.


Winding Machine

Spooling and winding machine for small gauge wire, finest wire and fiber optic cable. The MW class spool winder is multi-functional, can be used as a pay-off winder and a moving take-up unit. The winder is ideal for precise spooling for thin wire, flat wire or optical fiber. The automatic traverse winding is perfect for precision layer wound and level layer winding. For high precision tension control, the spool winder is also available with the electromagnetic dancer.

Cleanroom Winders

High precision winding machine for pharmaceutical and medical technology. For winding, unwinding and rewinding of very thin or ultra fine wires for use in a medical clean room. Automatic coiling machine consisting of stainless steel with easy to clean surfaces. Automatic traverse laying system and tension control with electromagnetic dancer EDL 60. Application area is especially the production of medical products.

Battery Cell Winding Machine for Li-Ion

Winder for battery production of lithium-ion cylindrical cells. Coil winding machine with rewinder and precise tension control by electromagnetic dancer EDL 60. Automated web edge control with traversing coil. Machine for the production of Li-ion batteries and accumulators in the drying room.


Shaft Winder

The ED-class shaft winders are particularly suitable for precise unwinding and winding of small coils and ultra-fine wire. The thinnest wires and finest fibers can be wound very sensitively and precisely with these compact winders. The picture shows an pay-off system with electromagnetic dancer and a coil with small gauge copper wire of 20µm.


Position Scanner - Detection of wire or fiber

The position scanner MPS uses its sensors to detect the position of a wire or fiber without contact. The scanner detects even very thin wires or fibers regardless of color or reflection. Due to the non-contact measurement during spooling, the scanner is successfully used for straight unwinding or for layer winding when spooling wires, fibers, solder or filaments.

Coil Scanner - Precision Winding

Supertek's TDS coil scanner uses its sensors to continuously measure coil geometry during the winding process. The coil scanner detects the geometry of the wound coil regardless of the reflection or color of the fiber, wire or coil. The non-contact measurement of the coil is used for automatic spooling and winding to achieve precise winding and best winding results. For fiber, wire, flat wire, filament or solder.

Automatic Rewinder

Supertek's automatic rewinder winds all windings to a precision perfect-layer coil. For cables, wires or filaments, the rewinder always winds a perfect winding result onto any desired spool. The picture shows the ED-class automatic take-up system with electronic traverse unit and Winding Controller MCU from Supertek.

High Precision Rewinding Machine

Rewinding machine with decoiler and recoiler for different and sensitive wires or fibers. Decoiler with electromagnetic dancer tension control system EDL60 and EDR10. MW-class rewinder with automatic traversing bobbin and precise laying of windings. HMI with recipe management for different materials and coils incl. automatic layer winding.

Wire Straightening Machine

Mobile wire straightening machine with decoiler, uncoiler, straightener and recoiler. The machine is flexible in use and can be individually configured with wire straightener for straightening wire. The wire straightening machine shown consists of torque controlled decoiler, straightener and MW-class spooler.

Automatic Rewinding Machine

The new generation of SW class winders are ideal for rewinding a wide variety of materials such as cable, wire, filament or fiber. The SW class winders can automatically clamp a wide variety of spools and traverse the spool during unwinding or rewinding. This ensures a straight line of the cable, wire or fiber as well as a perfect winding on the spool. In the illustration, the rewinding machine is used with carbon fiber from cardboard spools to plastic spools.

Ultra Fine Wire Drawing Machine

For drawing the thinnest gauge wire with drawing die, capstan and take-off system. Drawing Machine with precision tension control for the perfect drawing process by two electromagnetic dancers EDL 60. The winder with electronic traverse ELU and Winding Controller MCU ensures a perfect winding pattern. The Coil Scanner TDS records the geometry of the coil in real time. In combination with the MPS Position Scanner, correct position windings are guaranteed during the winding process.

Traversing Take-up Machine

The traversing take-up machine with the SW-class winder can be used for many applications. This take-up system can be flexibly adapted to individual customer requirements. For example, the moving drive system can be easily adapted to accommodate large coils. With this take-up machine, coilable materials with a small bending radius, such as thermoplastics and special fibers, can be perfectly wound onto coils with a large diameter.

Decoiler / Uncoiler

For heavy and large spools, Supertek offers the necessary powerful drive technology for the decoiler, recoiler or reel. The well-known precision for the sensitive materials is also a matter of course for the powerful winding machines from Supertek.

Linear Winding Machine

SW class automatic take-up system and rewinder. Ensures most precise spooling of fine wire and flat wire of various alloys on different spool shapes such as H-spools and conical spools. Self-contained and mobile spool winder for perfect results and professional windings. Easy to operate and individually applicable.

Rewinder for fine wire and optical fiber

Automatic unwinding and rewinding machine for high precision respooling. Compact rewinder for fine wire or optical fibers on spools, reels, bobbins or coils. ED class rewinder with modular pay-off and take-up system. Unwinder or decoiler with electromagnetic dancer, tension flexibly adjustable from 1mN. Precise length measurement and accurate laying with perfect winding pattern.



Filament Winding Machine

Winding machine for professional winding on filament spools with optimal layer winding. Consisting of MW class traversing winder for precise winding on empty reel and spool of printing material for 3D printer, PLA filament. Precise winding of filament and control of filament tension and easy operation of the winder with touch panel.

Dancer Tension Control System

The tension of wire or fiber can be controlled fully automatically in the range of 1 mN to 50 N with the highest precision using this electromagnetic dancer control system. The dancer control system can regulate the tension automatically depending on the process. The tension control system can be used as a precise tension regulator or dynamic yarn tensioner for drawing, spooling and winding.

Filament Rewinding Machine

Rewinding machine for automatic spooling of filament as printing material for 3D printers. Unwinding and rewinding of filament with controlled tension from and onto different reels or spools. Spooling of filament onto empty spool and reel with homogeneous layer winding. Compact machine for precise rewinding of filament.

Belt type capstan

Belt type capstan for fine wire, flat wire and optical fiber or glass fiber. Precise and constant speed control or exact positioning according to defined product length. The belt type capstan is used for gentle and highly accurate pulling of the product, decoupling of the tensile stress or for pulling of the most sensitive and delicate materials.

High Precision Tension Control

The electromagnetic dancer is the innovation for precise tension control of wires or fibers. The electromagnetic dancer is used for fine drawing, drawing and spooling in various machines. With the high bandwidth and accuracy, the electromagnetic dancer is suitable for all sensitive and delicate spoolable materials.

Multi-Functional Winding Machine

Automatic and multifunctional rewinding machine for many different windable materials. The traversing winders of the MW class can be used both as unwinders and as winders or rewinders. The winding direction can thus be reversed at any time. The tension is controlled by the electromagnetic dancer control system EDR 10 and EDL 60, so that a wide range of fine tension from 1 mN to 600 cN is covered.

Decoiler and recoiler for fine wire.

MW class wire winding machine for spooling thin wires. As table-top unit or for installation in machines. With unwinding side shank winder and electromagnetic dancer for wire pay-off. Linear winder with traversing spool for the take-up system for precise layer winding.

Fiber Pay-off and Take-up System

Fiber optic rewinder consisting of our ED class with a pay-off and take-up station. Unwinder with high precision electromagnetic dancer tension control ideal for optical fibers and glass fibers. Rewinder with automatic layer winding control.


Optical Fiber Winding System

Winding machine for rewinding and spooling optical fiber. The automatic traversing pay-off and take-up system realizes a gentle and straight winding. The electromagnetic tension dancer control is also suitable for brittle and highly sensitive fibers. Suitable for different customer requirements. Usable for the production of fiber optic gyroscopes or fiber optic delay lines.