Performance & Service

Performance & Service

Supertek gives you the world's leading technology for high-precision spooling of the finest wires and fibers.


Personal customer advice

We are at your side personally as a mentor and advisor. With the Supertek team of experts, you will receive from us the world-leading and unique expertise for your technical and economic success.
Be inspired by our know-how!

Mechanical engineering

The Supertek team implements efficient automated machines and production systems for you. We take over the planning, production, assembly and commissioning of the machines. Supertek trains your employees and carries out the maintenance and optimization of your machines.

3D CAD construction

Our experienced designers implement your individual machine quickly and professionally using the latest 3D CAD software. Due to the detailed construction, the design and construction data for all components, devices and machines are available digitally.

Manufacturing and assembling

We use the latest CNC machines, lathes, milling machines and 3D printers in our in-house production. In this way, we ensure the seamless digital transition from our design to the efficient manufacture of the components. The in-house assembly ensures the smooth production and testing of your devices and machines.

Calculation and simulation

Supertek uses intelligent calculation and simulation programs to design the electronics, mechanics and software. Optimizations can thus be carried out as early as the design and construction phase. Supertek also has expert knowledge in the design of measurement, control and drive technology for the implementation of high-precision winding processes.

Modernization and Retrofit

With our components and technical solutions you get an increase in quality, modernization and digitization for your existing machines and production systems. We make your machines fit for the age of Industry 4.0.

Electronics development

Supertek develops electronic circuits, designs circuit board layouts for measurement and automation systems and creates the circuit diagrams for switch cabinet construction.

Installation and testing

Supertek manufactures innovative products and machines for winding technology. With our in-house control cabinet construction and our own electrical installation, we ensure that all components are assembled, installed and tested in accordance with standards.


Supertek's IT and software specialists program your intelligent automation software. Remote maintenance, simple operation and IT security are our priorities. We integrate your devices and systems into cross-process automation software.

Research and Development

In cooperation with universities and institutions, Supertek researches and develops technical solutions for high-precision winding. Measurement and control systems, software and automation solutions as well as components and machines have already been developed.

Feasibility study

With our team of engineers, we create feasibility studies so that you receive a well-founded basis for making decisions about the feasibility of your project. We check the economic and technical feasibility, the time and financial implementation and analyze the risks and opportunities. To ensure practicality, we carry out experiments and tests.

Conformity assessment and documentation

Supertek provides you with detailed technical documentation, instructions for use, drawings and plans. We test, analyze and evaluate products and machines for their compliance with the applicable requirements and applicable directives, including EC conformity assessment with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.