Wire Drawing Machines

Wire drawing is a basic manufacturing process in the wire and cable industry. Wire drawing reduces the cross-section of the wire and lengthens the wire. For the production of thin wires, e.g. from copper, aluminum or other alloys, the wire passes through several drawing stages, drawing tools, and other processes such as annealing. The typology for metal wires is divided into coarse drawing, medium drawing and fine drawing for non-ferrous metals according to the diameter. Wire drawing tools include drawing dies, drawing cones, drawing disks, drawing rings and drawing rolls, but also drawing disks, deflection rollers, wire guide rollers, ring segments and contact tubes.

fine wire drawing machine

Drawing machine for fine wire.

The drawing machines are also named in accordance with the coarse, medium and fine drawing typology.

Cold forming also changes other wire properties such as hardness, tensile strength and elongation at break. Heating, stress relieving or soft annealing recrystallizes the microstructural densities created during drawing.

Due to the exponential development in technology, there is a rapidly growing demand for thinner and finer drawn wires. Supertek's decoilers, tensioners, haul-offs and take-ups are used especially for the high demands in fine draw drawing machines.

The thinnest specialty wires can be drawn with high precision tension and speed. Supertek's MW- or SW-class traversing take-up units ensure layer-precise take-up, so that everything also runs perfectly during unwinding in the following process.

The picture shows a drawing machine for drawing the thinnest wire with a drawing die and a main draw or capstan for the fine draw. The drawing machine is equipped with two EDL 60 electromagnetic dancers for high-precision tensioning before and after the drawing process. Supertek's winding technology also ensures the highest material quality and positionally accurate winding on the wound coil.

wire drawing proces

Fine wire drawing process.


  1. Unwinder, pay-off unit
  2. Tension control, dancer
  3. Capstan
  4. HMI
  5. Take-up unit
  6. Drawing Die