Spooling Machines

Supertek offers perfectly tailored solutions and high-quality spooling machines for the precise unwinding, rewinding, and respooling of a variety of fine and delicate materials. The technology is leading in the market and perfectly suited for wire, flat wire, fiberglass, optical fibers, fiber, filament, silk, foil, solder, and much more.

The winding machines are equipped with innovative features that allow precise control of the winding process while preserving the quality of the material. Thanks to their intelligent control systems, Supertek's winding machines ensure consistently high quality and efficiency with each use.

Wickler der ED-Klasse

High-quality winding machines, specifically designed for handling fine wires, fibers, and other delicate materials. Thanks to standardized components, winding solutions can be highly flexible and cost-effective, tailored to specific requirements.

These machines are distinguished not only by their outstanding performance but also by their innovative technology, enabling precise control of the winding process. With intelligent features such as automatic tension regulation and integrated quality assurance systems, Supertek's machines ensure consistently high quality and efficiency in every application.