Pulleys for wire or optical fiber

High precision guide rollers and pulleys for smooth spooling of wire or fiber.


Idler pulley V-channel 60

Wire Guide Pulley V-channel 600

Smooth-running aluminum rollers, hard-coated

Tread d, approx. 60 mm

Article no.:  AU60VN67

Idler pulleys V-channel 800

Optical Fiber Pulley V-channel 800

Smooth-running aluminum rollers, hard-coated

Tread d, approx. 80 mm

Article no.: SET3AU80VN87

Idler pulley Encoder 500

Guide Pulley Encoder 500

Deflection pulley made of plastic/ceramic composite

Diameter: inside/outside 49,7/80,2 mm

Width: 14,3 mm

incl. clamping set for encoder SWE

Article no.: SWHCAR-8050-10E

Idler pulley Default 500

Guide Pulley Bearing 500

Made of plastic/ceramic composite with ball bearing

Diameter: inside/outside 49.7/80.2mm

Width: 14,3mm

incl. shaft for profile mounting

Article no.: SWHCAR-8050-10K

Idler pulley

High Precision Guide Pulleys

other Wire Rope Sheaves on request

On request


Encoder SWE1000V1

Encoder for speed and length measurement

with mounting plate

Article no.: SWE1000V1