MW class winder

The professional solution for unwinding, winding and rewinding small and medium spools for wire and flat wire, foils, tapes and fibers. 

  • Coil weight up to 5 Kg 
  • Coil diameter up to 360 mm
  • laying width up to 250 mm
  • Coil traverse
Application example of a rewinding system of the MW class

Application example of a MW class rewinding line

MW class winder module

MW class winder module

spool drive unit

Coil drive unit

Coil drive for automated winding, unwinding or rewinding of coils.

  • Coil weight up to 5 kg and coil diameter up to 360 mm.
  • Spool mounting with flange and rotating shaft or shank, standard diameter 15mm.
  • Mounting base for mounting on a machine frame or for mounting on a MW class coil winding line unit.
  • Coil drive unit with high resolution motor.
  • Incl. motor driver for control cabinet mounting.

Article no.: MWSAE15

Automatic bobbin winder linear unit

Automatic coil winding line unit 150

Traverse path: 150 mm

Linear drive for precise and automatic spooling, layer winding and rewinding.

  • Travelling of the coil for straight and precise unwinding and rewinding.
  • Mounting fixture for MW class coil drive unit, incl. drag chain for the supply line.
  • Incl. motor driver for control cabinet installation.
  • Easy control with the Winding Controller MCU and comfortable operation with SUMMI and the available control panels.
  • Extensive range of functions thanks to the available software modules

Article no.: MWSLE150

Automatic bobbin winder linear unit long

Automatic coil winding line unit 250

Traverse path: 250 mm

As MWSLE150 but with a linear actuator in a longer version.

Article no.: MWSLE250

quick release

Quick lock

Quick clamping system for manual, quick and easy, fixing of the coil on the shaft.

Standard shaft diameter: 15 mm.

Article no.: SV150