Fiber Optic Winding and Cleaning Machine

Supertek winding, respooler and cleaning machines are perfect for surface treatment and cleaning of optical fiber. Depending on the fiber and requirements, chemical cleaning with textiles, nonwovens and solvents or ultrasonic cleaning of the optical fiber is used in the cleaning system. With Supertek's precise winding technology, even the most sensitive fibers can be freed from contaminants in a flawless manner.

fiber optic winder and clean machine

Fiber Optic Winding and Cleaning machine with the use of nonwoven and solvent.

Gentle and high quality surface treatment of optical fibers are ensured by precise control of fiber tension with Supertek's electromagnetic dancers. The optical fiber cleaning systems are configurable from take-off units, capstans, cleaning systems, dryers and take-up units.

winder and respooler for fiber optic with cleaning process

Schematic diagram of a respooler and cleaning machine for fibers.

  1. pay-off unit, decoiler
  2. position scanner
  3. tension control, e.g. electromagnetic dancer
  4. cleaning process
  5. drying
  6. HMI
  7. bobbin, coil scanner
  8. take-up unit